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Pussycat She's Living Wreckless [entries|friends|calendar]
_Jenny Asian_

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7 || Born To Lose
The Road Ahead [14 | Nov | 06 | 12:44am ]
[ mood | excited ]

I've got my next few years of life pretty mapped out, though not to detail because that never works out accordingly.

So my plan is to finish at PCC Fall/Winter 2007. Afterwards I plan on going to a cosmetology school to become a licensed cosmetologist. Summer of 2007 I will move my ass to the Sunshine State, living with who and where is not known at the present time. Live in California for a year to gain residency while working MY ASS off, hopefully at a MAC counter, to save up money for school. Once that year is up, Fall 2009, I'll begin my new life at Cal Poly Pomona, living on campus.

I hope everything works out, at least somewhat following the structure I have planned. Fuck it. It WILL work out. It HAS to work out. Money is not going to stand in my way of success. I WILL make it in California. No exceptions.

3 || Born To Lose
20 Years Ago.... [24 | Oct | 06 | 12:43am ]
[ mood | thirsty ]

I graced this world with my awesome presence.
Fuck Yea!


15 || Born To Lose
FUCK YES!! [14 | Aug | 06 | 06:47pm ]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

Everyone, I think I finally found the perfect school--Cal Poly Pomona. They offer Apparel Merchandising, Marketing and Graphic Design, which are the programs I am most interested in.

Fuckin sweet!
I looked up housing in the Pomona area, and of course, it was insanely expensive, but not completely impossible. I would say I found some pretty decent apartments for California living. Prices ranged from mid 800's to high 900's for a 2br/1ba. So ehh, do-able.

For Cal Poly Pomona, yearly fees for a CA resident attending full-time is about $2,500--not sure if that includes tuition...? I thought I read somewhere that California didn't have tuition costs. And yearly costs for supplies and books are about $1,250. So shit, that is extremely affordable.

I do plan on living in California for a year before I attend school, to gain residency and thus saving TONS in school fees and such.

Dude, I totally hope this shit works out.
All I need to do is visit the campus and figure out what classes of mine are transferrable.


3 || Born To Lose
Goddammit!! [22 | Jul | 06 | 11:26pm ]
[ mood | hot ]

I thought I FINALLY found a killer school that offered Merchandising as a degree--Washington State University in Pullman, WA.

Then I go to research the city a bit, and oh to my surprise: It's pretty much Washington's Corvallis.


why are the merchandising/design/awesome schools in fuckin Hickville, USA?!

This is obviously a sign that Merchandising is not my destined career.

well. shit.

3 || Born To Lose
1:26am [10 | Jul | 06 | 01:26am ]
[ mood | discontent ]

Summer....has been a disappointment.

Where are the parties.
The drugs.
The heinous amounts of booze.
The night life.

The music.
The shows.
The clubs(and no, i'm not talking about those hip techno rap playing bullshit)

Where the hell is the fun?

Is this city just a bore, or am I not associating with the right people?

I've been reading The Dirt(a Motley Crue book) and though I don't believe half the shit I read in there(there is just no way Nikki was able to hold a guy down on a table by his ear and simultaniously hammer a nail into that same ear) I, in some sort of vain, immature way want that sort of lifestyle--minus the needles and streaming flows of walking STD's.

If a book were to be published on my life it would be the most dull book to have ever been written. NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING remotely interesting has happened to me. I live my life in the bike lane and quite frankly All, I'm miserable with it.

Though Meg and I have been thinking about moving to Portland. Being in the midst of where things are "happening" might give me hopes of finally adding some excitement into this form I call a Life.

6 || Born To Lose
FUCK YEA! [30 | Jun | 06 | 11:12pm ]
[ mood | excited ]

You're looking at the newest Wells Fargo employee!
Fuck yea for getting yelled at all day long :]

2 || Born To Lose
Summer... [27 | Jun | 06 | 10:57pm ]
[ mood | bored ]

I don't know why I bother to have days off from work. I just sit on my ass doing nothing anyway.
Everyone has their own shit going on.
I still don't have anything to occupy my time with.

I could take up a hobby, but those were never my cup of tea.
I want to go out and do SOMETHING. anything. I don't care what it is. Just as long as I'm outta the house.

I need to find new people to hang with.
The people I associate with now are either flakes or are always busy doing...something.

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